Dress like you're going to a party at the South Pole when you go out this New Year's Eve!  Kalamazoo temps will be dangerously close to those of Antarctica.  

(Update) Plainwell, MI hit 11 below zero Saturday, Dec. 30th while the South Pole dropped down to only 8 below zero.

Kalamazoo will see a low of 4 below zero on New Year's Eve.  According to TimeandDate.com Antarctica will be just a snowflake colder at 8 below zero on that same night.  Heck, it was 5 below zero at 9 AM this morning in Kzoo.  That's not counting the wind chill.

In fact, Kalamazoo will not get above the freezing mark for at lease the next 14 days, may be more.  Could it be the La Niña effect?  May be so.

Please, take this cold weather seriously.  Stay warm and stay safe.

Oh...and watch out for Polar Bears.

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