Slowly but surely the conversation is moving from what are we going to do to what are we going to do now.  We aren't quite at the what are we going to do then stage.  We are, however, at the what is it going to be like stage.  For me and many others like me, the absence of sports has left a hole in out lives.  Granted, it's not a vital hole as there are many other things in our lives that take priority.

Nevertheless, sports is one of those things that we took for granted and maybe didn't calculate the ramifications of the Pandemic right away.  There is hope recently with Major League Baseball announcing a plan to start the season around the 4th of July and play 82 games.  There won't be fans in attendance to start or possibly finish but we will get to watch on TV.

So what about our beloved Kwings?  The 2020-2021 season schedule was released today with the home opener on October 17th.  At this point there is no plan for fans who want to attend the games which begs the questions: Will fans be invited?  And will fans feel safe if they are?

For the sake of argument lets say the games are played without fans.  Unlike major sports there is no TV contract.  Will the games be offered on Facebook or YouTube?  the other important question for the club is whether they will be able to make money if they do air the games on one of these platforms.

The biggest part of me continues to pout because things will never be the same but there's a growing part that is curious as to how sports is going to adapt.  Only time will tell.  GO KWINGS!!!

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