I thought this was a great idea when I heard it the first time back in 2006 when I SAID IT!!!  It was during the filming of Kalamazoo?, which featured me in an important supporting role, and we were talking to the movie's director Battle Creek's own David O'Malley when we started talking about the old Gibson Guitar Factory now Heritage Guitars.

Heritage Guitar

  I mentioned that the guitar was invented in Kalamazoo and how Gibson moved to Nashville, TN and seemed to forget about the history.  Then I said that Kalamazoo should be the home of the Guitar Hall Of Fame since many of our greatest guitar players had guitars made in that factory and many of them said so when they were on the Rocker Morning Show over the past 28 years.  That was 11 years ago and I've been talking about it on the show ever since.

Obviously, I'm not bitter or anything and it would be so cool if this plan between Plaza Corp and Rolling Stone would come to fruition in all the right ways.  Plaza Corp I trust, Rolling Stone I don't.  You can read the story from the Detroit Free Press HERE.

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