Here's another positive sign that our lives may get back to some kind of normal, some time this year. The State Theater in Kalamazoo has announced a series of five Friday events, "State on the Street", that will feature live music, with the performers perched next to the iconic marquee.

The five Friday events begin May 7th, 14th, and 21st, and then again, on June 4th and 11th.

As the State Theater says on its Facebook page, "We are bringing State on the Street back, by popular demand! We're kicking things off early this year, with our first date set for May 7th with Blue Veins performing from our iconic marquee!.

The State says they're will be drinks available, and patio seating.

Like all similar venue, the State is struggling, but has have tried to offer tours of  the building and some of its history, during the pandemic. "Backstage and Beyond Tours" are available now! This is a chance to tour behind the scenes of historic 1920's venue!  You have to have an appointment, and those are for Mondays and Fridays every week, and they can even accommodate an occasionally Saturday! Click here to schedule your tour!

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The positive from all this is, we've learned to be adaptable, but so have many local venues. And that allows many a look into local history to see where that magic have been made.

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