We recently reported that Feld Entertainment, the company that holds the rights to the trademark of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, had planned to take legal action against Kid Rock after the singer decided to name his early 2018 trek "The Greatest Show on Earth" tour. As legal matters continue, Rock says he has decided to change the name of the trek, with it now being called the "American Rock N' Roll" tour.

According to Amplify, Rock says he decided to make the move of his own volition, but said in a statement submitted to the court, “While I firmly believe that I am entitled under the First Amendment to name my tour after my song, I have changed the tour name because I do not want this lawsuit to distract me or my fans from focusing on what is important in my upcoming Tour -- my music.”

Feld Entertainment filed their lawsuit against Rock in Florida last month, claiming that while they had licensed public usage of trademarks in the past, no one from Rock's camp had reached out about using the name.

Rock's attorney Kenneth G. Turkel stated that while Rock has already changed the name and began removing all marketing material using the moniker, he was still within his rights to use the title based on fair use grounds. Turkel also stated that Rock was free to name his song "Greatest Show on Earth" as it made no reference of Ringling Bros. and “boasts about Kid Rock’s ability to perform the greatest fucking show on Earth.”

Even with Rock changing the name, a Feld Entertainment spokesperson stated that they still intended to pursue legal action against the singer over the usage.

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