The I-94 widening project in Kalamazoo has claimed another victim. The overpass at Kilgore Road was taken down this week. It's part of a complete overhaul and redesign of the Portage/Kilgore exit.

This is another phase of the widening that's taking place from Lovers Lane to Sprinkle and began in April 2021 with the teardown of the Portage Road. 2.7 miles of expressway will be widened once the project is completed.

Currently, Kilgore Road is closed at I-94 with a dead-end approaching the highway from eastbound Kilgore.

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The end result of the project will be a discontinuous Kilgore Road with a western portion ending at Portage Road and an eastern section being routed onto the current Kilgore Service Road also ending at Portage Road.

Take a look at the timelapse video of the overpass coming down. The video shows the big machines chomping at the concrete like a game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. As much of the work was done at night, commuters along I-94 were likely jarred to see half of the bridge missing from when they passed by just a few hours before.

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