The Klassic Arcade lineup is expanding to its largest location yet, bringing old-school video games, pinball and more to Paw Paw in 2021.

In October, we told you of Klassic Arcade's plans to add its third Van Buren County location in Paw Paw. Now, the ink is dry and it is official. Kevin Ketchum shared the news on the Klassic Arcade 2.0 Facebook page, noting that this will be the growing franchise's largest location. The original arcade, a 2,100 square foot pole barn just south of Gobles on M-40 opened in 2003. Klassic Arcade 2.0 was next in June of 2017 more than doubling the size at 4,500 square feet of space downtown Gobles. The Paw Paw building 200 Gremps an impressive 6,000 square feet.

Video games like Gauntlet, Moon Patrol, Pac Man, Zaxxon and Donkey King and pinball machines from nearly every era won't be the only thing filling up the new fun zone, Ketchum has other enterprising ideas as well.

Slot Car Racing

Look for the return of indoor slot car racing to Southwest Michigan as Slot Car Inc plans to rebuild some or all of the tracks once laid out downtown Gobles: a 1/24 scale quarter mile drag strip, 1/24 scale road course and an 8-lane HO road course.

Home-Brewed Root Beer

Small batch root beer brewing has been a hobby under the alter-ego Mr. Soda Pop, and popular at events like Gobles' Midwest Soda Pop Festival, organized by Ketchum.

Homemade Potato Chips

A new hobby, Kevin has been working on perfecting a recipe for hand-crafted potato chips when he's not busy with all of his other projects.

RC Racing

Outdoor racing may be on the horizon for Klassic Arcade 3.0 too, as there is some space out back next to Ismons Pond. The M-40 Raceway remote control racing track was built at the site of the original Klassic Arcade.

The deal has just been formally signed, and of course there is a lot of work to do. Follow the Klassic Arcade 3.0 Facebook page for updates as they aim for a Summer or Fall opening in Paw Paw in 2021.

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Not sure if everyone knows, but tomorrow 12/17/2020 we will be adding Klassic Arcade 3.0 to the Klassic Arcade line-up....

Posted by Klassic Arcade 2.0 on Wednesday, December 16, 2020

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