Last August, Jill Salter, a Gobles woman was facing the fight of her life. What started as dizziness and forgetfulness led to several tests that uncovered a cyst on her pineal gland. Now experiencing seizure-like symptoms and slurred speech, her health would continue to deteriorate unless she underwent surgery. With no insurance, Jill Salter and her family were facing a hefty hospital bill. The Klassic Arcade 2.0 in Gobles stepped up to host an Ice Cream Social, and GoFundMe page was set up to help offset expenses.

Five months later we have an update on Jill. According to a recent post on Klassic Arcade's Facebook page:

...I very happy to say that Jill made it thru the surgery and is doing great now. I never meet Jill and her husband Cory until today, but I’m very proud to say that my business, customers, my employees, my family and many friends were part of a positive outcome.

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