I know that it can be a little overwhelming this time of year.  Every charity in town has their hand out, and some of us just don't have anything extra to give.  I mean, if you've got a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food in your stomach, then you're doin' all right, but there's still that tug at our heartstrings when we see a neighbor is in need.  One Kalamazoo philanthropist is aiming to ease need over the coming weeks, and he needs your help to help others.

"People need to eat.  It's one of those basic requirements that we all have," Joshua Cypher explained. "For a long time I've had a dream to be in a position to try to reach out and make an impact on somebody's life in a positive way.  This year I have decided that as a personal goal, I would like to donate food, not through an organization but directly to the people who need it. No marketing agenda, just trying to help someone who may need an extra step and one last basic need to worry about."

So what did he do?  He started buying boxes of food.

Joshua Cypher


"Each box weighing 37.5 pounds for a total of 3750 pounds of food," he explained.

Joshua Cypher

He has already made drop-offs at churches and other organizations in the area, like, Arc, and the Humane Society.  Now he wants to zero in on individual families that might not benefit from those organizations. "If you'd like to know more or if you know someone who is in need, send me a message.  Let's get this started!" he exclaimed, enthusiastically. (josh@cyphertechnologies.com)

If this year is successful, he's looking to help even more people next year.

If you've always wanted to help those in need, but never seem to have that extra bit to give, consider sending Josh an email.  Together, you can bring a smile to someone's face, and much needed supplies to their pantries.

Tis the season for giving! See how you can help today!