Virtual graduations are the best we can do right now. Kalamazoo Valley Community College faculty and staff picked one of the greatest songs of all time to dedicate to the Class of 2020.

This has always been one of my favorite songs. It starts out as a bit of a sad song, but ends with a message of hope. That seems appropriate for these times. We can agree with George Harrison that it's been a "long, cold, lonely winter." The thing is, it doesn't seem like it is over yet for us but there is a glimmer of hope- here comes the sun. It's all right.

The faculty and staff at Kalamazoo Valley Community College wanted to send a message of hope for the future to the Class of 2020, so they sang "Here Comes the Sun" together...apart. In this video, you'll hear many voices, see the words in sign language and even hear a couple of different foreign languages. Many instruments comprise the backing, including the typical acoustic and electric guitar. Other KVCC-ers add keyboards, marimbas, tambourines, hand claps and even a kazoo.

The video had 2500+ shares from the KVCC YouTube channel and was shared almost a thousand times from the KVCC Facebook page with the commenters getting along better than The Beatles when they recorded this song. Enjoy it for yourself below.

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