When you think of the word "art," what comes to mind? Paintings? Sculptures? Fashion Week in Paris? Perhaps it's writing or maybe even floral design? All I know is that if you can draw a turtle/pirate, you have the makings of a serious artist. From quilling to quilting, art is all around us and its ever evolving. Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Arts and New Media program helps local artists apply their talents to the digital world, and they've created an Animation and Digital Video Showcase featuring submissions from students currently enrolled in the KVCC New Media program.

Welcome to the 2020 virtual exhibit. The videos submitted run anywhere between ten seconds and four minutes. From a broom handle lightsaber to a humorous how-to brownie baking video, the submissions run the gamut from the sublime to the ridiculous (in such a wonderful way).

But the exhibit isn't only video. Digitally created self portraits, and illustrations are also part of what's on digital offer. It's clear the students of the New Media program put their hearts, souls, and immeasurable talents in to their endeavors. And since you can't make it to a real Art Hop, its a perfect time to check out a digital one, all while supporting our local budding artists.

Check out Kalamazoo Valley Community College's December 2020 Digital Animation and Digital Video Showcase here.

Interested in learning more about the program? For more information about the Kalamazoo Valley Community College's Arts and New Media program, click here.

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