One of the greatest legends of the Michigan and Canadian Great Lakes area is an urban legend, that isn’t often spoken about but is one of the most intriguing. I’m talking about the water panther, or as it is most commonly known, the Michibizhiw.

There are many generations of ancient Ojibwe artwork and symbols painted on the red rocks off of Lake Superior that represent stormy spirits that were anthropomorphized as mythological creatures. One man braved the steep climb to show up close and personal visions of these drawings:
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One of the many incredible things to see and do in Lake Superior Provincial Park, would be to explore Canada's most famous pictograph site. Found directly on the north shore of Lake Superior, it is part of the absolutely stunning, Lake Superior Highlands. One thing to keep in mind is that the pictograph site is on a rock shelf that has a slope into the water, so you must be careful of your step, and wear footwear with traction.


How To Find Them

As he pointed out, it's accessed directly off of the # 17 Highway (Trans-Canada) in Agawa Bay - about halfway between Sault St. Marie and Wawa. You will see the signage once you enter the park boundaries.

The Great Lakes have a profound historical tie with the natives who originally inhabited the area and these drawings are an amazing sight to check out to gain appreciation for those who truly appreciated this state for all its beauty. You can view his video of the ancient site below:

The Michibizhiwcontinues to be one of the most important of many mythical water beings among indigenous tribes and its legend is abundant in the Great Lakes area.

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