Those who like to take long drives or rides on your motorcycle, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan's fall colors are starting to pop.

According to MLive, we are just about a week or two away from the U.P. to peak with its fall colors.

In the Western third of Upper Michigan fall colors are roughly 10% to 35% of their peak so those areas will have a about 3 to 4 more weeks before they peak.

The areas closest to shorelines typically stay warmer and delay colors in the fall but as you head west across the U.P. the colors begin popping.

In most areas there is still plenty of green but this would be a good time to set up a time lapse camera because each day until the leaves fall off you will be able to see a change.

West Michigan has a few more weeks before the leaves peak in color but do yourself a favor and make sure and take time to take a drive and enjoy the beauty.

The warmer temperatures we are having slow the process of the leaves changing but this heat won't stay around too much longer for the colors to begin.

If you are a photographer you may want to have your gear with you at all times over the next 3 to 4 weeks.

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