Cooking competition shows have been around for a long time. You're starting to see even more creative shows pop up, like the Disney themed Foodtastic. “Foodtastic," as they describe, is an immersive global competition series in which highly skilled artists create extravagant scene work and larger-than-life sculptures made entirely out of food. From vegetables and butter to fruit and cheese, these everyday items are transformed into works of art. Each episode is rooted in iconic Disney IP and the food-based builds are an extension of that world. Basically, people with insane talent sculpting incredible edible Disney scenes.

Shows like these and other creative shows may be inspiring kids to create artwork using nothing but food, which is what recently happened at Linden Grove Middle School in Kalamazoo. Apparently one of the classes hosted their own "Cake Wars." That show is similar to Foodtastic, just not strictly Disney themed.

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One of the mothers of the children there was expressing her love for the recent display of talent shown by these middle schoolers:

Our son Adam told us all about it and said what a good time he had doing it and said their cake tasted great! They had the beach one. -Krystal S.

Coming from someone who once forgot to put sugar in homemade cookies, causing them to taste like a wet dog smells, these cakes and cupcakes are really impressive. There is an excellent career to be made when you've got the talent to sculpt food for lavish weddings, so it's not a bad trade to learn early.


Here are some of the awesome cakes these kids put together:

Linden Grove Middle School in Kalamazoo Hosted Their Own Cake Wars

Apparently one of the classes hosted their own "Cake Wars." That show is similar to Foodtastic, just not strictly Disney themed.

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