It's tough being a sports fan, especially when your team is practically known for their losing records. The Browns had hope a few years ago when they finally "didn't lose" a game for the first time in almost 2 full years. Cowboys fans have been doomed to mediocrity since the 1990s, and of course, Lions fans haven't had much excitement since their last playoff win in 1991.

But no matter what, the fans stand behind their team, and at the slightest glimpse of hope, have a tendency to overreact with massive acts of praise. Case and point, this guy, who got a new Lions tattoo that could either be incredibly prophetic, or incredibly embarrassing.

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The Lions finished the 2022-23 season with a LOT of buzz. After starting 1-6 on the season, Detroit turned it around midway through with a win against the Packers, then the Bears, then the Giants, and NEARLY snuck into the playoffs, capping the season with one final win against Aaron Rogers in a Packers uniform.

So, obviously, fans got excited, and early odds on the 2023 season are that the Lions will do well. Likely winning the NFC North over struggling, and re-building teams. It's even possible they could get their first playoff win in more than 30 years, AND make a deep run at the NFC championship.

But of course, fans, have higher expectations. They smell Super Bowl already, and one fan went so far as to predict, they'd take the whole thing this year... and he's literally betting his own skin on the matter.

Yep. He is so convinced that the Lions will WIN the Super Bowl (against possibly the Chiefs, Bengals, Jets, or Bills out of the AFC), that he put it in ink,on his skin.

Now, obviously, he's not the first fan to try and predict a Super Bowl win before it happened. NFL fans in particular seem to think "this is their year" more often than any other sports fan, and are willing to also risk it with their own skin.

One Philadelphia fan thought last season was a lock as well for the Eagles, who ended up playing (and losing to) the Chiefs. Well, at least this fan was willing to own his mistake, and made the best out of an awkward situation.  




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So whoever this Lions fan is, I hope you're right, but you might want to have your tattoo guy on standby with that crying Jordan stencil.

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