The Thanksgiving Lions football game has been a tradition for many Michiganders for years but some Lion fans took to Reddit to start a new tradition, at least for this season.

According to MLive, there is a Reddit petition that is going around that is asking Lions fans to refer to the Chicago Bears as the Chicago "Pears". This season the Lions are undefeated against teams that start with the letter "P".

The Lions Beat the Patriots 26-10, the Packers 31-23 and the Panthers 20-19. The Lions also beat the Dolphins 32-21 but forget about that game for a minute.

The Lions took a beating from the Bears last week so fans are doing anything they can to change the momentum going in to the Thanksgiving Lions vs Bears game.

There is a very slim chance the Lions could make the playoff's so beating the "Pears" has to happen along with winning their remaining games for the rest of the season while their division rivals need to lose all their games.

Most likely, the Lions won't make the playoff's but at least it will be fun calling the Bears, the Pears during the game.




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