As progress continues to move along after more than a year of recreational marijuana becoming legal, we're seeing many things that we expected and some things we didn't.  We certainly didn't expect matters to take so long to get retail outlets up and running.  So far you can count on one hand that number.  We did expect the amount of participation would exceed demand in these early stages which it did.  Now comes something we didn't expect; at least not most of us.

According to a report on, the iconic Leduc Blueberry Farm has announced they will be getting into the marijuana business.  The Leduc family, working with a team of local partners and investors, is preparing to open the Canna43 medical marijuana provision center off M-43 near Paw Paw.  And why wouldn't they.  In the last few years, whether from climate change or just bad luck, the fruit industry in S.W. Michigan has taken a beating.  I think it makes sense.  They already know how to produce crops and we know the demand is to speak.  I say good luck and prosper.


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