I have a sinking feeling this kind of thing will become commonplace.  You might say a pandemic of it's own as more and more independently owned business just can't survive the shutdown and then lack of buyers also due to the pandemic as they find themselves with a lack of funds.  For me though, this particular situation has a far more detrimental affect than what we may see on the surface.

Walker Music And Textile Company over in Hastings is going to call it quits and will be selling off their inventory.  You can get more information from a fox17online.com story.  But there's another issue that will last long after the music store is gone.  I fear that this is an indication that music, and more generally, the arts may have a hard time surviving this crisis.  The N.E.A. is constantly under fire on a national scale and for years the arts curriculum in our schools has been slowly disappearing in favor of athletics and other applications deemed more necessary.  I don't think we all realize what kind of choices will have to be made in terms of things we took for granted; like food for instance.  But let's not go there yet.

My point is and has been since the arts were somehow considered inconsequential, without them where are our future writers and painters and, yes, musicians going to come from.  It will be harder and harder to produce the genius that we'v been spoiled by for centuries and the ordinary which can be even more remarkable  Sure it's just a music shop and you can get a guitar online but without access and human interaction, which is essential, the arts as we know them will become unknowable.

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A Nearly Empty Kalamazoo

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