The past few summers have been completely unprecedented. With most people home bound in 2020, and masked through the past couple of years, now, things appear to be closer to normal, but, maybe it's just me, but it seems more than ever that everything seems to be under construction.

Yes, there are some high profile project that not only have shut down busy thoroughfares, but with supply issues, have extended the pain for businesses in those torn up areas. But one type of project gets less attention. Thankfully the work length on railroad crossings and intersections is shorter but still is worthy of detouring traffic and stressing drivers out.

As we start summer officially, one project is starting and another follows in early July. The project named "North Street West Railroad Crossing Improvements" starts today, June 20th and runs for a week until next Monday. The posted detour takes traffic on North Street from both directions south one block to Ransom Street and then back up to North Street. The work being done is "grading improvements and resurfacing of the nearby asphalt as needed to create a smoother driving surface". The city says this is part of a bigger project to improve five railroad intersections in the city. Michigan Avenue, Kalamazoo Avenue and Frank Street are all on the schedule for this summer.

Obviously, every time work at the crossings at Michigan or Kalamazoo Avenues is done, it does cause a fair amount of inconvenience, but at least it'll be easier on your vehicle's suspension going over them.

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