What a winter 2019 we've had so far!  Polar Vortex, Snow-Mageddon, Ice-Mageddon, Flood-Mageddon.  There couldn't be anything else could there?  Oh yes there could!  Who's ready for Bomb Cyclone Explosions?  Also known as Bombogenesis or Explosive Cyclogenesis or Meteorological Bomb. I didn't know any of those and, in fact, had no idea this existed until now.

According to an article on nbc25news, we could experience such an phenomenon  which is usually found in warm weather as flond in the tropic; hence the cyclone reference.  I'm not going to get too technical because I'm not smart enough but basically a low pressure system like we expect by Sunday really bottoms out in the center and produces some really strong winds.  So far this winter we've had some strong winds coupled with heavy snow resulting in little to no visibility and blowing/drifting snow.  Forecasters are watching the oncoming storm closely to see if we'll experience the catastrophic winds associated with these Bomb Cyclones.  Get more details and further explanation by clicking HERE.


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