I know. I know. These lists come out one after another, and it can be overwhelming. But our lives are so slow these days, due to pretty much everything being shut down by the pandemic, that we need something, even if it's just for bragging rights. So here goes.

The List Wire division of USA Today published a list of the most popular beers at all the 30 Major League Ballparks. I scrolled through it, and found a lot of familiar names, some surprises, and bragging rights.

USA Today, used UnTappd information. (Untappd is a social app that allows you to check in and make note of the beers you're drinking, while you're still sober.)

And, yes, Bell's Two Heated Ale is the number one beer at Comerica Park. Well, they have a deal with the Tigers, but hey, it's bragging rights. The last time we were at Comerica, in 2019, the people in front of us were all enjoying cans of both Two Hearted and Oberon.

Now, all this is a far cry from Stroh's. And what I mean by that, yes, these numbers are skewed some by what brewer has pouring rights in the ball park, but still, these are craft beers, and craft beer has come a long way.

As you go around the majors, there are some surprises, but also a couple of beers that if they weren't number one there, you'd be shocked. Budweiser in St. Louis (and Toronto). The Busch family owned the team for about a half century, and their name is still on the ballpark.

Wrigley Field, baseball mecca. Old Style, same thing. Tradition, and crushable on a hot summer day. Though, fair question, how crushable at ten dollars a pop can you be?

Some surprises: Like St. Louis, Milwaukee is a beer town. The Brewers played in Miller Park until the current naming rights deal. And the top beer? Something called Happy Place. Laverne and Shirley are turning over in their graves.

In Pittsburgh, it's IC LIght. Nothing wrong with IC, but Light? Light is not beer. And I'm looking at you, too, Cleveland with Miller Lite.

There's some funky craft beers on the list, but if it's cold and tasty and goes well with your hot dog, mustard and onions, then it's a beautiful day for a ballgame.

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