It seems like every other day, now, I see another headline about someone winning a jackpot in Michigan.

In the last month alone, MULTIPLE winners over a million dollars!

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It's seriously been something I've never seen before in my life.

Last week, a man in Lansing claimed the state's largest instant Lottery prize at $6 million.

"It's really unreal to be sitting here collecting $6 million. I haven't stopped shaking since I scratched the ticket off."

The winner has decided to stay anonymous, and I certainly don't blame him. That's a lot of potential new family members that I wouldn't want to deal with.

Meanwhile, three separate people won $1 million on June 21st. One was a truck driver just traveling through the state, and decided to play.

One winner was woman who didn't typically play the scratch off game she picked, but they were out of her normal game.

And the third winner was a guy who left work early because he was having a bad day... which was quickly remedied when he scratched off that ticket.

"When I scratched the ticket and saw t I'd won $1 million, all I could think was... There's no way this is real."

A few days after that, a club of lottery players called the "Lunch Bunch Crew" hit a jackpot. Five people had been playing the lottery together, and buying tickets for the past 20 years. And they almost MISSED their chance at winning.

One of the group members read an article saying the winning ticket had been sold at the same location they bought their ticket from.

"We texted the club member who had purchased it, asking where she'd purchased it, and if she'd checked it yet. When we got a reply... saying she had not checked it, but purchased it at Tom's Market, we knew right away."

And the list of winners STILL goes one. A Muskegon County woman won $500,000 when she thought she'd only won $1,000. A 2-person lotto club raked in $1.2 million on the Lotto 47 Jackpot. A Kent County woman won $349,000 while headed out to dinner.

Seriously, it's an epidemic of winning in Michigan, and I WANT IN ON IT!!! Sounds like I just need to randomly pick up a ticket while I'm out running errands.

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