When you live in Michigan; especially this part of Michigan, you're going to get different reactions to Lou Holtz.  Much of it has to do with your love or hate of Notre Dame.  Then there are those who either love or hate his personality.  Let's face it, opinions have a hard time changing.

Love him or hate him, Lou Holtz will be coming to Kalamazoo on October 21st to speak at Miller Auditorium as part of the Kalamazoo United in purpose event sponsored by Kalamazoo Christian Schools and Catholic Schools of the Dioceses of Kalamazoo at 7:30 that night.  the event will raise funds for student scholarships and tuition assistance, highlight Christian education opportunities in southwest Michigan and also unify the community through a shared love of College Football.  Well considering polarizing situation between Michigan, Michigan State and Notre Dame fans, I'm not sure how much "unity" there will ever be.  Get more information at kalamazoounitedinpurpose.com



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