This article is going to be all about bowls. No, Michiganders. Not THAT type of bowl.

Recently announced on Facebook, a new eatery opening soon in St. Joe will be all about bowls! Base Bowls & Company will be serving salad bowls, smoothie bowls, acai bowls, and avocado bowls just to name a few.

Hoping to open on May 17th, Base Bowls and Company shared their menu as a preview of what to expect:

Locals in St. Joe already seem excited with comments like:

This is wonderful news! We so need a good salad place in town. I can’t wait to try it! - Sandra S. 

Great concept. Can’t wait to try it! Healthy! - Kathy T. 

This WILL be a girls date for sure! - Amy P. 

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If you're in or near the St. Joe area, you can stay up to date on this latest eatery's progress by following them on Facebook.

Coincidentally, a recent post on Reddit inquired about this exact type of cuisine.

U/AdvancedDry2521 posted,

Açai bowls. Anyone know of anywhere that makes them here? Newer here and where I used to live they were all over the place yet when I google them here, just smoothie king and tropical smoothie comes up which is not the same thing!

There doesn't seem to be a plethora of options but, here are what the locals recommended:

1. Westnedge Hill Nutrition 

Westnedge Hill Nutrition is a smoothie, acai bowl, and energizing tea bar, according to their Facebook page. While they don't have an official website listed, their menu is available here.

Aaaaaaand that's it. A few people suggested places like Costco and Trader Joe's where you could potentially find frozen Acai Bowls. Maui Poke and Corelife were also recommended but, it looks like they specialize in things like rice bowls (which still sound delicious). Acai bowls were nowhere to be found on their menus. Otherwise, it looks like we're just going to have to make them at home. Which does not bode well with my lazy, at-home self.

However, if you're feeling motivated to create your own smoothie bowl, there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube. Like this one:

That chocolate one does look oh-so-tempting.

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