A while back, I drove by Arcadia Ales, and noticed a LOT of activity on the property. Lots of vehicles in the parking lot, the landscaping was getting a touchup, and the lights inside had been on more often.

But Arcadia Ales had been closed for quite some time, so it was curious that SO MUCH had been happening. (Because it was made clear by Arcadia Ales, they were not returning.)

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Despite my investigations early on, no answers could be given, because no one was talking. I was only left with images of fresh-cut greenery, and the visual of recently cleaned floors through the building's front windows.

But things changed a few weeks ago, when I noticed a "Now Hiring" sign hung up over the window above the front door. Something WAS happening at Arcadia Ales. I wasn't crazy.

I stopped by to see if anyone was there to update me, but the door was locked, and no one was inside. HOWEVER, new signage appeared on the door.

"We are not in right now, but please visit tbirdkzoo.com to fill out an application.
"We are hiring for all positions."

This is awesome news... I think.

And I say "I think," because aside from "we're hiring," and a name for the restaurant that's apparently coming in there... we have NO other information. There isn't a ThunderBird chain of restaurants, so this seems like a one-off.

We know paperwork has been filed to the city for the restaurant to open, but that's about where the trail runs cold.

So for now, the update is small, but still exciting... and also confusing, as literally NONE of the signage has been changed. But at least something is happening I guess.

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