Another big weekend for the people with a passion for cars at the Gilmore Car Museum. This time its focus is on German cars, and their legendary German reputation for engineering and performance. Hoping to build on the 500 or so cars that showed up last year, this year's DeutscheMarques event is the tenth annual.

From the organizers, the information for the gearheads is this: "Each year, the DeutscheMarques board selects a special vehicle to represent the featured marque. This year, Audi is the marque and the board selected an original S4 race car as their “poster child.” This historically-significant car is one of five purpose-built for the North American World Challenge Series in the early 2000s."

While a car from less than two decades ago is impressive, it not particularly vintage. But chances are you'll be seeing your fair share of VW Bugs and Buses, and some Porsches to feed your need for speed.

Something that may be new to you, as it was for me, is the designated charity for this event. It's Fathers Against Distracted Driving. It's a group whose mission is to "change the
driving habits of Americans to significantly reduce vehicular related fatalities, injuries, and economic losses." This sounds like something a father would say.

The Gilmore gates open at 8 am for people with show cars, and then guests can come in beginning at 9 am. The show ends around 3p with "Best in Show" awards.

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