Anytime a road or bridge closes it certainly can be very inconvenient for those that are going about their normal, daily commute. But, if there was ever a reason to close a bridge...this is it.

On 3/25/22, the Mackinac Bridge had to temporarily close due to "falling ice" as they described on a Facebook post. While some people may shrug that off in light of the inconvenience of having to find a different route, this was a serious threat to those on the bridge. These weren't tiny chunks of ice either:

And they have the potential to cause serious damage to both cars and people:

Naturally, as it always happens, people took to the comment section of the Michigan Department of Transportation's multiple Facebook posts to say things like:

There’s heating wires that could be afixed to the structure. They’re already used on house roofs - Susan J. 

To which MDOT replied: Not sure if that would or not, Susan, but you're certainly welcome to contact the Mackinac Bridge Authority with your recommendations: 906-643-7600.

Don’t you have a tool or something to melt the ice?? - ReAnn H. 

As if it's that easy. MDOT simply responded with: Steeplejacks have typically been sent up to knock ice loose but the conditions at the time of this closure were not safe to send them up.

And, finally,

Hey MDOT, any alternative routes for folks who need to get to the UP when the Mackinac bridge is closed? - Jeanne 

To which MDOT said: Hi Jeanne! There are really only four other options: Boat, plane, Wisconsin, and Canada.

The bridge was eventually reopened later that day when conditions were deemed to be safe for those crossing. For all updates involving closures, construction, or even job openings, follow the Michigan Department of Transportation's Facebook page.

While it is aggravating to be slowed down due to Michigan's forever indecisive weather, at least no one was injured. And, have hope...Spring weather is on the horizon!

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