It's not exactly a corner office, but what a view! Michigan Department of Transportation is looking to hire toll takers for the Mackinac Bridge.

It's listed as a "non career" state job, but it sure sounds like fun. The official job description for a toll taker reads, "greet customers, collect fares, check truck permits to ensure compliance with bridge rules and regulations, assist in taking surveys, help law enforcement agencies in locating sought vehicles and delivering emergency messages." Michigan Department of Transportation has posted three openings for toll takers, each limited to 129 hours per month, 1,040 hours each calendar year. Your office is at one end of one of the world's longest suspension bridges: the Mighty Mac.

At $11.50/hour, the pay is a little low- says it should be just over $12. has other toll collector jobs, some pay a little more, some less, but none have the view of the Straits of Mackinac. Do you need an education? No, but found that "23.8% of toll collectors have a bachelor's degree...[and] 2.0% of toll collectors have master's degrees." No degree is required by the State of Michigan, a functional knowledge of math should suit you just fine. Be advised, a background check and driver's license review are prerequisites for this position, along with a drug test and possible physical.

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If you've got a love of the Mackinac Bridge, lots of Michigan pride and some time on your hands, you could have a fun part-time job interacting with travelers, tourists and trolls alike in a toll booth at the base of the Mackinac Bridge. Apply here: good luck!

The #MackinacBridge Authority has 3 open bridge toll worker positions in #StIgnace ($11.50/hr). These non-career...

Posted by Michigan Department of Transportation on Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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