I appreciate a group of people with a sense of humor. Case and point, the highway department, who at least try and make their serious points memorable with funny sayings.

But by 2026, the State of Michigan will no longer be able to tell you not to get "Star-Spangled Hammered" before driving, as a new law would ban humorous traffic signs.

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You see them all the time, those traffic signs in cities that can change their messages, and are meant to let you know about accidents, and drive times around town. Usually, that's what they're used for, but once in a while, they spread some joy with their Public Service Announcements.

Things like "Visiting the In-Laws? Slow Down. Get there Late," and "We'll be Blunt. Don't Drive High" have made driving fun, and it gets the message across. It's honestly made ME pay MORE attention to those signs, because I don't want to miss a good one.

But a new law from the federal government is now going to ban having fun with the Michigan Department of Transportation and Highway Departments.

What's the new Law?

The US Federal Highway Administration is now cracking down on signs that use humor and pop-culture references in their messaging on electronic signs. An 1,100 page manual was release, and laid out in it are the new regulations that ban these fun messages, saying it could "diminish respect for the sign."

"The regulator agency says that such messages can be misunderstood or distracting to drivers and that signs should be 'simple, direct, brief, legible, and clear." - The Guardian

But while some states like Illinois and Mississippi are rejecting fun, other states, like Arizona, are actually having contests to see who can come up with the BEST fun message to drivers on their more than 300 different electric signs across the state.

Last year's winners were "Seatbelts always pass a vibe check" and "I'm just a sign, asking drivers to use their turn signals."

THAT'S GREAT! I'll remember that... but "Buckle Up?" No. I'm gonna ignore that.

So unless something changes soon, and enough people push back, this will take effect in 2026, and the Federal Highway Commission will officially become the No Fun Commission.

Leave it to the Federal Government to suck the fun out of everything.

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