You won't be able to go up to Mackinaw Island and actually see Mackinaw Islands Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in person but you can still watch it. The Mackinaw Island Tourism Bureau is planning on presenting the ceremony on their Facebook Live page on Sunday December 6th.

“Covid can’t take everything away from us,” said Tim Hygh, executive director of the Mackinac Island Convention and Visitors Bureau. “There are some traditions that need to live on.

“Even though we can’t share it with people that love Mackinac Island, in person, at least we can do it through the Virtual Facebook event.”  - Mlive

Given how many holiday traditions and public holiday ceremonies that are being cancelled across the state in 2020, even a virtual tree lighting ceremony can still be uplifting and joyful and Mackinaw Island promises to still deliver a memorable holiday experience.

“The tree is still downtown where it normally is. It will still be lit by the mayor and Santa Claus, and (island resident/business owner) Trish Martin will still be singing songs, so some of the traditions will continue.”

Even the annual Christmas Bazaar that benefits the Island's churches and medical center is going virtual. Viewers can still bid on the auctions, purchase the raffle tickets and buy from the sales tables, all weekend long, all via the web.

Get details on Mackinaw Island's Annual Bazaar here: (7) Mackinac Island Christmas Bazaar | Facebook

So if its holiday cheer and holiday spirit you want this year, then a virtual holiday visit to Mackinaw Island is just the thing.

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