It's obscene how well Magic Dick plays the harmonica. He took his mouth harp skills all over the world with the J. Geils Band and now he's coming to Three Oaks, Michigan.

You know "Centerfold" and probably "Love Stinks." Do you remember "Freeze Frame" and "Must of Got Lost"? Between 1971 and 1982, the J Geils Band racked up 10 Top 40 hits. If you know anything about them, you know they are at their best live. 'Blow Your Face Off' (recorded, in part at Detroit's Cobo Hall) and 'Full House' are 2 of the best live albums of all time. You also may remember the J Geils Band has a harmonica player who goes by "Magic Dick," and he's at his best on "Whammer Jammer."

Don't Google that while you are at work, but let's bring you up to date. In 2016, Magic Dick teamed up with guitar virtuoso Sun Ng and recorded an acoustic duo album. The pair will be at Three Oaks' Acorn Theater playing songs from that and plundering the J Geils Band catalog for some fan favorites.

Watch the video below for a preview and see if you agree. He's still magic.

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