One of the most underrated and underappreciated bands in rock ‘n’ roll history I feel has always been the J.Geils Band. The band has always had a massive following in Michigan, particularly in Detroit and I feel was the best party band of all time. I’m not alone in that feeling as recently a man attended the Warren City Council meeting, with a few thoughts on his mind about the band.

When the video starts, I could see the man wearing a J Geils band T-shirt and I thought oh he must have been at one of the last concerts that they did in Detroit. The man then decides to go on a tirade to the city of Warren about why he feels the J. Geils band should be in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. That’s right, he attended a City of Warren meeting regarding the induction status of a rock ‘n’ roll band into the Hall of Fame.

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He goes into great detail in the video, making a case as to why the band should be in the Hall of Fame, including notes about how their three live albums Full House, Blow Your Face Out, and Showtime were all recorded at three different venues on the east side of Michigan.

But here’s the kicker this guy is apparently in the J Geils tribute band, Reputa, and the whole thing was just to plug his shell for Friday, August 4. You have to see this video, iIt is so damn funny.

Perhaps this wasn’t the best place to make his case but I respect him for standing up for the band and for the grind.

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