Calling it the "Manidub Challenge," Grandville High School students mash-up the mannequin challenge phenomenon and lip dub; the result is glorious.

Grandville High School via Facebook
Grandville High School via Facebook

Mr. Blevins AV class at Grandville Public Schools deserve an "A" for their latest video that has gone viral.

Students, alumni and community members were invited to take part in the highly choreographed video which is a combination of the mannequin challenge and lip dub.

This epic 9 minute feature begins with a drone flyover of the school parking lot. Once inside the building, the camera tours the school to find students frozen in place in the lobby, the hallways, gyms and cafeterias.

The music is the song "Black Beatles" by Sremmurd- often used in other mannequin challenge videos. As Jefferson Starship begins to sing "Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now," individual singers come to life lip-synching as other students remain fixed, silently still.

Behold, the Manidub Challenge!

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