Will wonders never cease?  We've been following this saga since enough signatures were acquired to get legalized recreational marijuana on the November ballot last year.  After the proposal passed we realized that we can grow it and possess it but we can't buy it.  Then, cities and municipalities started passing ordinances prohibiting the sale of marijuana which lead us to believe that it wasn't going to evolve as many thought.  Well, it isn't quite evolved to that extent yet but we're getting closer.

According to mlive.com, 7 marijuana dispensaries and 1 grower have been approved for Portage despite the fact that the city has decided to, at least temporarily, ban recreational marijuana shops.  The approval is for medical marijuana and, as you may already know, requires a card for a legitimate medical condition.  For now this is a step in the direction for the supporters of legal recreational marijuana and could lead to the softening of restrictions once the shops and growing facility become normalized in the community.  For more specifics click HERE.


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