Michigan legalized recreational marijuana but its kind of a catch 22 with most employers requiring drug testing. Drug testing is going away for some companies.

I thought it was kind of odd that companies were drug testing possible new employees in Michigan and not hiring them because they found marijuana in their system when recreational marijuana is legal in the state. It would be like finding alcohol in someone's system, its legal.

The problem with marijuana and people using it on their own time is, it can be found in their blood system for up to a month.

Now I'm not saying employees should be aloud to go to work high or get high on their lunch break. Just as I would expect employees not to go to work after drinking or drinking on the job. What people do when they get home is their business.

According to FOX 17, Amazon changed the way many people do business, going from local shops to online ordering. Amazon is not stopping their marijuana drug testing for potential new employees.

With the worker shortage that is going on in Michigan and all around the country, this could very well be a game changer for Amazon and other companies that follow suit.

Basically Amazon will test those who drive their trucks and fly their planes. If you have an accident in the work place you will be tested. But if you apply for a job, no test. Amazon is now going to treat marijuana use the same as alcohol use.

With many companies finding it hard to fill positions, many are now beginning to think the same way as Amazon. Take the UAW in Flint, they have been having a heck of a time finding new hires so they figured, stop testing for marijuana and raise the minimum wage and that problem will go away.

GM is having discussions about this topic and not making any comment at this time.

So if you think marijuana is holding you back from getting a job, you may want to head over to Amazon in Grand Rapids and put in an app, you might be surprised.

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