Last March, Officer Troy DeKryger of the Marshall Police Department received an urgent message from dispatch asking all available units to assist at a fire at Howard's Motel. First on the scene, DeKryger alerted emergency personal en route to the fire that the building was fully involved in fire and that heavy smoke was pouring out of the building. That's when he learned that a mother and her two small children lived in one of the units of the hotel and could very well be trapped inside.

DeKryger acted quickly, gaining entry to the building alone. He was able to locate the woman and children and helped them to escape the blaze within a minute. Moments later neighboring fire departments were on the scene helping to extinguish the flames while the family was brought to a nearby motel. Officer DeKryger stayed behind to help with more evacuations.

It is because of his quick decision making that lives were saved that evening.

City of Marshall Police Department
City of Marshall Police Department

Last April, a quiet Thursday afternoon was shattered with a gun shot. Emergency personal were called to the Family Fare gas station on reports of a shooting victim. When they arrived, they found a man laying in the parking lot bleeding severely from a gunshot wound to his left leg. Thinking quickly, Officer Phillip Goodrich applied a tourniquet to the man's leg and worked to secure the scene until back-up and an ambulance arrived. While assessing the situation, Officer Goodrich learned the victim's own handgun had discharged after falling from a duffle bag in his truck. Thankfully, no one else was injured.

The victim was transported to Oaklawn Hospital where he was able to make a full recovery, and it's thanks to Officer Goodrich's quick thinking with the tourniquet that bought enough time for that transport.

Officer Troy DeKryger's and Officer Phillip Goodrich's quick action resulted in the saving of many lives. They were recently acknowledged for their bravery and selflessness at the 2018 Life Saving Awards by the Marshall City Council.

Thank you Officers DeKryger and Goodrich. We feel safer knowing you're out there.

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