Got milk? If it came from this Battle Creek family-run farm it's among the best in the United States.

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Crandall Farms is a fifth-generation family farm located in Battle Creek, Michigan. They were recently awarded the highest honor in their industry. At the National Dairy Quality Awards, Crandall Farms received the Platinum Award for consistently producing the highest quality milk.

The National Dairy Quality Award program recognizes farms that make the highest quality milk. The awards are given in three tiers: platinum, gold, and silver. While multiple farms can receive Gold and Silver awards, only one received Platinum.

One member of the Crandall family traveled out to San Diego, California, to receive the award. The family says that it is the first time their farm has received such an honor. While Battle Creek is primarily known for cereal, it should not be too surprising that it would also be home to a producer of an item that pairs oh so perfectly with it.

Crandall Dairy Farm was nominated by the Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA).

The Crandall’s continuously go above and beyond to care for their herd and provide a quality product to their community. ~Rachel Brown, MMPA Member Representative


The Battle Creek farm was not the only Michigan milk producer to be honored for its high-quality product. Michigan Milk Producers Association farms took home nearly half of all the awards at the National Dairy Quality Award ceremony.

It only seems fitting that "Pure Michigan" farms produce the purest milk.

Chances are, many of these cereals were made in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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