This photo posted by Bad Brewing Co. in Mason (Michigan) reads like it's an item begging to be on Antiques Roadshow. (Oh, to be in that one episode where the appraiser says "I'd insure it for $100,000.)

Bad Brewing is a micro-brewery that opened up a few years ago, and serves a rotation of some 24 of its beers, ciders and such, and a menu of food to go along with it.

Apparently, they were looking to do something with their patio when...look what the heavy equipment dug up: a large ceramic bottle that dates back to the mid to late 1800s.

According to the brewery, it was thought the bottle could have been used to hold anything from ink to beer to even something medicinal. It was found under about six feet of dirt and is in pretty good condition. After doing some more digging (pardon the pun) it turns out it is likely an ink bottle, made in London by J. Bourne, Potters and was used to sell ink made by P. and J. Arnold. Remember the ballpoint pen was invented in 1888, but a practical everyday use model didn't go on sale until the end of World War II.

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A commenter in the pottery business added some more information. This person, who makes ceramic growlers for the brewery, said it looks "salt-fired". Another poster mentioned how lucky the bottle wasn't broken in the dig.

And one other historic note, Bad Brewing in their profile mentions their building was rumored to be a brothel back in the day. Maybe that's the inspiration for its name.

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