When you're an Emperor of Sand, odds are you might get a little thirsty! Luckily, Mastodon are here to quench that thirst as the band just revealed details of their second beer, a new monster imperial stout named Sultan's Curse.

The band just released Sultan's Curse with the Mikkeller Brewing company of San Diego. The beer is named after the Emperor of Sand song, and uses Middle Eastern spices and ingredients like dates, toasted pistachios and cardamom in the brew.

“A monster Imperial Stout with intense layers of dates and coffee, which sit gracefully above a complementing cardamom brightness. Toasted pistachios bring depth and texture alongside an integrated spiced and vanilla bouquet from the bourbon-barrel aging. Full-bodied and complex,” reads a description from Mikkeller.

Adding to the complexity of the stout is coffee from Dark Matter Coffee, who joined the Sultan’s Curse team to add the finest coffee to the brew. “We were stoked to do an ode to the old world of coffee for our friends at Mikkeller and Mastodon. We sourced a Yemeni coffee with loads of fresh tobacco, vanilla, and bakers chocolate to pile on to the decadence of the stout,” explains Jesse Diaz, Dark Matter Coffee.

Mastodon has a relationship with Mikkeller that's grown over the years. The band visited the brewpup Warpigs in Copenhagen two years ago for the release of their first collaborative beer, Mastodon Mother Puncher. “We love collaborating with Mikkeller because we feel like we’re cut from the same cloth. Mikkeller is always being incredibly creative and pushing the boundaries in the beer world and that’s what we try to do with our music," says Mastodon drummer, Brann Dailor.

Mikkeller and the group are celebrating the release today with a special event prior to Mastodon's concert at the House of Blues in San Diego this evening. Mikkeller San Diego are also hosting an after party at the El Dorado Cocktail Lounge.

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