Recently, a vote was taken by the Village of Mattawan  to put up a fence in between Nonla's building and Bird Dog's building because of the "deep ruts and mud that is being dragged onto the road," according to a transcript of the meeting that was posted online. Now Bird Dog is saying that this fence could potentially spell doom for not only their, but multiple businesses in Downtown Mattawan, as they did not mince words about their unhappiness with the decision:

This is problematic for us, Murray Street Brewing Company, Moo Moo's and Nonla. This is where a lot of our patrons and employees park when the 16 spot public parking lot is full which happens rather quickly with 4 businesses. They have never talked to us about any of this and have encouraged us to use this lot since we opened in 2019. There has always been a plan by the Village to put in an additional lot on the corner of Front Ave & Murray Street. Matt & I have asked the Village about it in January, at a public meeting, which they laughed off and said "are you going to give us the money?"

Apparently the owners of Bird Dog offered to purchase the area and put a parking lot on the property with no success, and claim the Village of Mattawan Council has put up many road blocks for them over the last 6+ months that no other Village/City has ever done before to them.

There is a Village Council meeting on Monday, May 9th at 7pm. and they're asking anyone that cares about the businesses in the downtown Historic District to come out, support them & find a better solution:

If there is no parking, there is no businesses.

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