When you have a locally owned business, that turns into the staple of a community, you make a lot of friends along the way, which makes it easier when you decide that it’s time to hang it up. Sometimes you will find somebody who has been so dedicated to your business that, they decide to take it over.

Michelle's has been a staple of Kalamazoo and recently it transitioned into Butler’s Breakfast and Lunch and is now operated by Michelle‘s longtime employee, Will Butler. It looks as though the Mattawan location is going through a similar transition as they’ve recently announced that they will be making a flip to a new restaurant called Nanny's Family Restaurant Breakfast and Lunch.
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A notice about this was put up on a new business page on Facebook:
After 10+ years of operation, Michelle's Stone Ridge will be changing ownership. Shanda Klaassen has been partnered with Michelle's Stone Ridge and will now be the owner of Nanny's Family Restaurant. Nanny’s family restaurant will be a family operated business

Some Things Changing, Some Stay The Same

Although ownership will be changing, location and all staff will remain the same. We look forward to bringing something new to you. Come check out nanny family restaurant grand opening will be 7 AM April 29, 2024. Serving breakfast all day fresh squeezed orange juice and a new menu. New prices new look and more.
It'll be exciting to see a new business continue to thrive where Michelle's left off, and the community is sure to support them in the changes to come.

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