It was May of 1991 and people were waiting up to 3 hours to ride what was at the time the largest and fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, Mean Streak. Now that coaster is set to close for good.

The 2 minute and 2 second ride cost $7.5 million dollars to construct and has had a permanent home in the park's Frontiertown.

The last ride on Mean Streak will occur September 16, 2016.

Historic Mean Streak Videos

This is news coverage from May of 1991 and the debut of the Mean Streak.

How tall Could it Be? This commercial ran in 1991 promoting the then-new coaster.

What Was it Like to Ride Mean Streak at Cedar Point?

During the coasters years of operations, thousands had a chance to ride. Here are some of their point-of-view experiences captured and shared on YouTube.

Front Seat POV
Back Seat POV