A few years ago one of my close friends commented on the rising deer population in Michigan saying it's only going to get worse because the next generation of hunters won't have sufficient numbers to facilitate the problem.  I never really thought about that in relation to what the next generation is interested in.  We rail against the fact that they are always on their phones watching You Tube videos, instagramming or snapchatting.

Where are all the hunters going to come from to keep game populations in check?  We count on this to keep the ecosystem level.  And lets face it, the more deer we hunt the less deer we hit.  I know we can't force the kids to want to hunt and fish like we did and still do.  (Well, I actually don't hunt but love to fish.)  But at least our friends at Meijer are extending the opportunity for that next generation to try it out for free but it's only offered today and tomorrow so get over their and get these kids off the couch.  Get more details by clicking HERE.

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