The very last show Metallica played before concerts as we know them disappeared was the 20th anniversary show of their 1999 orchestral S&M concerts (and live album/film) with the San Francisco Symphony. It happened on September 6 & 8 at San Francisco's new Chase Center (the second and third shows to ever happen there), and the band also filmed S&M² and screened it at 3,000 theaters worldwide on October 9. Now it's coming to DVD/BluRray/streaming on August 28, and you can get a taste of it right now because videos of two songs were just released.

They put out the videos for the classic "Nothing Else Matters" and for St. Anger track "All Within My Hands" (the namesake for their foundation), and if you like the original S&M, it's worth checking these out too. Watch both videos and the trailer below. You can pre-order various S&M² bundles here.

Metallica have also been putting out live videos from their archive every Monday during this pandemic, including a very classic show from Chicago's Metro in 1983. This week's concert was Live in Mountain View, CA - July 22, 1994. They also did a quarantine performance of a new version of "Blackened," and said that they've been working on a new album in quarantine. Stay tuned.

For more Metallica (and thrash in general), the Bay Area thrash documentary Murder in the Front Row is out now.

Metallica also did this, if that's something you'd be interested in:

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