This pandemic has been stressful, and Michiganders are ready to admit that they're more ready for shots than squats.

Step One: Admitted we were powerless over alcohol- that our lives had become unmanageable.

-Alcoholics Anonymous

Now, I'm not saying you have a problem, Michigan (only you can decide that), but this may be a good first step. If the options are Zoobma or margarita, a tough spin class or hard seltzer, kettlebell or Ketel One, citizens of the Mitten would rater have a cold beer with friends than a group exercise class. Circuit training loses to a round of shots by a margin of 16%.

American Addiction Centers surveyed 3,000 Americans, aged 21+ on what they missed more: their local bar or the health club. Nationally, twenty-eight states have missed their local watering hole more, vs. twenty-two who want a game of pickup basketball more than a pint. A deeper dig into the data reveals 59% of Americans have spent more money on alcohol than exercise since the start of the pandemic, while 1 in 3 gym goers say they are reconsidering their membership. Almost 1 in 5 drinkers know their local bartender by name and 28% admit they have missed them over the past year.

Bars vs. Gyms- What Do You Miss More?

  • Indiana: Bar 65% | Gym 35%
  • Michigan: Bar 58% | Gym 42%
  • Ohio: Bar 54% | Gym 46%
  • Minnesota: Bar 53% | Gym 47%
  • Illinois: Bar 49% | Gym 51%
  • Wisconsin: Bar 44% | Gym 56%

You know that when you exercise, the body releases endorphins that make you feel better, but sometimes you'd rather get that feeling in a bottle. No doubt 2020 was tough on all of us. Congratulations for admitting you might have a problem, Michigan. Need a sponsor?

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