Hey, Kalamazoo! Are you tired of seeing people at stores without masks? Are you a retail, restaurant, or hospitality worker tired of getting yelled at by some Karen who doesn't understand that these aren't your rules, but rather you are following corporate/state orders when asking them to put a mask on when they enter your place of business? Have you been spit on, heckled, or otherwise attacked for simply wearing a mask because it's totally not a big deal at all and not much of an inconvenience anyway (and it totally hides your resting bitch face, so bonus)? Well, you're in luck! Introducing the first ever Mask Gun! (Stay tuned for a buy-one-get one offer, just pay shipping and handling)...

Yes, a Mask Gun. Like a cross between a net launcher and a t-shirt cannon, YouTuber Allen Pan created a way to solve the problem of mask noncompliance with a funny invention that actually works! Well, not that he tried it out on a real person (and not that he would... it's just a joke, after all). The mask has long strings with tiny weights on the ends of that, upon impact, wrap around the head and effectively tie the mask in place.

Feel confident when traveling to South Haven, Traverse City, and Mackinac that you won't have problems with tourists who come from more lax states! Defend your shared space with the Mask Gun today!

(The Mask Gun is a joke invention by a YouTuber and should not be taken seriously).

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