There's a few things that come to mind when you mention a "hole-in-the-wall" restaurant. More than likely, it's small, and people are crammed in like sardines during the busy hours. There's probably copious amounts of grease, carbs, and butter in the food, and gravy is considered a condiment, similar to ketchup and hot sauce..

This is a near perfect example of Michigan's best Hole-In-The-Wall joint that not only serves breakfast all day, but they've been a staple in the community for more than four decades.

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Roxy Cafe in Jackson - halfway between Battle Creek and Ann Arbor - has one of the best greasy spoons, and diners in the entire state, according to Cheapism. They compiled a list of all of the best diners, and not only did did Roxy Cafe make the list for best Diner in the state, but also best Breakfast spot.

Once you walk in, it's apparent this place is from a different time in American history. Advertising papers, not just on the tops of all the tables, but the low-hanging ceiling tiles, too. Any business who wants eyes on their name, has a spot on the table, wall, or ceiling in Roxy.

But ultimately, this place comes down to the food. 


Reviewers sing the praises of their corned beef hash, home fries and the MASSIVE three-egg omelets, all of which, you can of course cover in gravy if you ask nicely. Pancakes the size of your head, and heaps of bacon to go along with every meal you order are all prepared fresh by the same chef who has worked there for 40 years (at least... that's what the menu says.)

Yelp/ Chris M.
Yelp/ Chris M.

And did I mention, the staff has a good sense of humor?

So if you're looking for a good spot to stop down and eat at between Ann Arbor and Battle Creek along I-94, highly recommend you stop in Jackson to visit Roxy Cafe, and TELL me you aren't ready for a nap within minutes of finishing one of those omelets.

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