‘90s kids are rejoicing as famed Bloomfield Hills-born designer Lisa Frank announced a new unicorn sugar cookie collaboration with beloved pastry brand Pillsbury. Frank and her brightly colored wacky designs were inescapable in the ‘90s. I cannot tell you how many Trapper Keepers, stickers, and notebooks I had with her signature aliens, dolphin, and unicorn characters. Now that us kids have all grown up and have disposable income, Lisa knows right where to hit us: our wallets. In recent years Lisa Frank has launched limited-edition make-up lines, nail art, and now she’s invading our kitchens.

Just in time to ruin your New Year’s Resolution of eating healthy, Lisa and Pillsbury have released a special edition sugar cookie dough. The cookies will feature electric blue colored stars and a delightful hot pink silhouette of ‘Markie’ the unicorn in each bite. The best part is it comes ready to eat, meaning you can bake it in your oven or just eat it straight out of the tube! Look for this new cookie on the shelves of Kalamazoo-area Walmart and Targets stores. If you’re unable to find this limited edition collaboration (most likely because I bought it all up) here are some local establishments to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Insomnia Cookies

One of the hottest trends in town is cookies on demand. The original late-night cookie shop in Kalamazoo, this franchise opened in 2014 near the Western Michigan University campus. What makes Insomnia Cookies so dangerously delicious is their late-night cookie delivery and yes, they’ll even bring you a glass of milk.


The newest cookie delivery shop in town, Crumbl just opened their doors in early December 2021. Crumbl proclaims to have “the best cookies in the world” and rotates their menu weekly. Much like Insomnia Cookies, Crumbl caters to the college crowd and also offers late-night cookie delivery on and around campus.

Sarkozy Bakery and Cafe

Named one of “Michigan’s Best Bakeries” in 2019, Sarkozy has been a staple in Kalamazoo for over 40 years. Their cookies, pastries, and breads are baked fresh daily and they even offer catering. While visiting their shop downtown, choose from classic cookie selections like oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, lemon sugar, ginger, or chocolate chip.


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