Just north of Grand Rapids, in the sleepy hamlet of Sand Lake, lives 5-year-old Ian Unger, who, unfortunately, was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes. His parents have the stressful job of keeping a close eye on his insulin levels, which is why they have been looking in to getting a service dog. A dog specially trained in sniffing insulin levels can cost up to $25,000, and Ian's mother knew this was going to one heck of a fundraising venture if they hoped to get even half of the money. She and Ian decided to plant and sell pumpkins this year; $10 for big one, $5 for small ones. When the community realized where the money was going, they more than stepped up. A Facebook fundraiser was launched and it already has over $22,000 donated. Thanks to the supportive efforts of Michiganders, it looks like Ian is going to get his helper.

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