With the holiday season in full effect, the last thing you need to hear is something you've bought for stocking stuffers, or as a sweet treat for your guests and loved ones has been recalled.

Sadly, that's just what's happened, as a popular Holiday candy gift has now been recalled across the country, and could be in some Michigan homes.

The food company Manischewitz has issued a warning about its Dark Chocolate Coins, saying it could cause a "life-threatening allergic reaction" for some consumers.

During a production run of their popular chocolate product, wrapped in gold foil to resemble coins, employees noticed some mislabeled packets in their Dark Chocolate Line that could potentially contain milk chocolate, instead of the promised dark chocolate product.


The products were shipped to stores nationwide over a period of months between Sept. 26, and Nov. 28.

Most stores where the chocolate coins were shipped to are in New England, but some products by Manischewitz do find their way to Michigan, and other parts of the Midwest.

A spokesperson from the company issued the following statement.

"We immediately informed all retailers who had purchased this (run of the product) about this recall and instructed them to inspect their inventory or remove any potential affected product on their shelves. Consumers who may have purchased this product are advised to inspect their product if gold foil coins are in the dark chocolate bags and discontinue use immediately. Consumers may return the product for credit or refund. If a consumer experiences an allergic reaction, they are urged to report to a medical provider."

So if you have any of Manischewitz's dark chocolate gold coins, quickly consider inspecting your product to see if it's OK.

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